Welcome to the West Virginia Municipal Clerks and Recorders Association.

The association’s objective is to promote high ethical standards, education, cooperation, and efficient operation of Clerks and Recorders of West Virginia Municipalities. The association membership consists of over 220 Clerks and Recorders representing the cities and towns within the great state of West Virginia.



The International Institute of Municipal Clerks (IIMC) encourages clerks to continue learning and growing personally and professionally. Its education and development programs offer several avenues for continued learning. The association promotes certification and Master Municipal Clerk programs in the United States and Canada as recognized by the IIMC.

Clerk of the Year

This award is chosen each year by a committee of peers of the West Virginia Municipal Clerks and Recorders Association (WVMCRA). Nominations are sent in to the West Virginia Municipal League (WVML) prior to the annual meeting. The committee examines the nominations during the annual conference and considers the content of the nomination, the nominees' service to their City, the Association, and the League.